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Crazy for Brogue Shoes

History: (where do they come from?)

Brogue shoes is believed to have its roots in Scottish and Irish heritage.
They were usually used by workers, labourers and farmers as working boots. The perforations in these shoes were of great help to them. They had great functional usage which was to drain water out of the shoe. These perforations have now turned out to be one of the most distinctive features of the shoe. The perforations have W shape but they do not have any functional usage nowadays. They are only meant for fashion. It is these perforations that make these shoes look unique. In fact, among the different styles of shoes that are available for both men and women, you can very well demarcate these from the others because of its prominent perforations that are found in the uppers.
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Brogues shoes are nowadays used by people throughout the world. From celebrities to fashion ramps, everyone seems to have become fond of these shoes. Whether it's in UK, America or in any other part of the world, the popularity of these shoes have reached new limits.

For women?

Brogues were originally worn by men but in the recent years you will come across several brogue boots that are meant for women too. So, nowadays not only brogues for men are available, brogues for women are also found in shoe shops. Some major footwear brands have in fact started manufacturing and designing brogues for women. Never did people think that these shoes would become a bit hit among women. A lot of women love wearing brogue boots as they create a huge style statement. These boots are also preferred by women as office wears too. One thing that is quite unusual with these brogues for women is that they come up with heels.

 Celebrities who love brogue as much as WE DO TOO!

(u can either be conservative with the color, or not)

(it's easy to match, and it suits all kinds of occassions)

(so, now who says girls have to wear heels to look pretty? love them comfy yet stand out footwear!)

A great article on styling with brogue which u might like! works as a great tip on how to dress up with ur newly bought brogue! :) yeaps! Welcome to the brogue club!

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