Dear all, we're pausing business untill further notice. Replies and Order will be paused till we're back again. Thanks for your interest, and sorry for the inconveniences caused.

Thank you.


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Hello Ladies, Thanks for all comments, and suggestions and feed backs given so far.
There are a few of things that I need to make it clear to ensure that shopping with us is easier and more comfortable to you :)
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We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our shoes :)
1. I would like to order your shoes, but where to start?

It's easy, just send me an email with details such as your full name, address, contact number, and order items with size and colours details :D and make payment to our account of which will be provided once you confirm your order. or fill up our order form *****

2. When can I get my order?

As most of our shoes here are of pre-order, please allow 2-3Weeks (NORMAL BATCH) ;Bigger sizes arrive slower due to customization process. Please make sure that you can wait before placing your order. We will not entertain any complains about this as it has been informed beforehand :)

3. Where does all your stocks come from? Are they made of animal skin?

We cannot guarantee that all shoes are free of animal skin as we'll bring in more and more shoes from different manufacturer to satisfy local demand. What we can do for our part is that we'll inform in our post should any have been used.

4. How to cancel order?
All orders are allowed to be canceled only before payment are made. Once you made your payment we will not refund unless no stocks. Other than that, we cannot cancel orders.

5. Where is Shoe story located?
Shoe story is an online shoes store for all shoes lover. Owner (Stephanie) resides in Kuching, Sarawak. However, we have several associates in West Malaysia as well. COD is available with charges of RM2 only, limited to certain areas in Kuching. We hope that we can participate in some bazaars in the future in order to get to know you all better :)

6. Any discount for me?
Discounts will be given for those who purchase 5 pairs and above. We hope to seek for your understanding that, most of our shoes are priced at very affordable rates.

7. Why do your batch takes such longer time compare to others who only need few days time?
This is due to cost issues and different manufacturing plants. We often seek the best way to lower cost thus offering lower price to our customers. Who doesn't like lower price? :)
Also, do note that most of our shoes designs are very exclusive and very rare or unique. They might be some similarity with others, but even the same shoes have different manufacturing plant. So please do not compare us.

Our tips to avoid delays:
* Take notes of our batch closing date
* Be sure to place order and make payment soonest, advisable to be 36 hours before batch closing date/time. Especially if your size is 40 and above, we advise one week earlier before batch close as it'll take more time to custom make size 40 and above.

8. The shoes that I bought from you cannot fit my feet well! What can I do about it?
We can help you to resell it to our customers. However, do note that we'll not offer refund. We cannot guarantee that we are able to sell it off soon. Also, we will only pay you when customers have paid us. And you must send out to the person who wants to buy your shoes.

9. I need this pair next week! What can I do?
We can help you to special order it. However, you'll be charged extra fees. Do consult us for more details.

10. I've been waiting for shoes to arrive. I can no longer wait for it. What can I do? Can refund?
No, we'll not offer any refund except for cases such as shoes out of stock. Sometimes, we're not informed earlier by supplier, thus we inform a bit later. Nevertheless, we shall refund in full amount if shoes are out of stock already.

11. Why some other sellers' price are much lower, some higher, even for the same shoes?
This is a tricky question. Not all sellers get their stocks from the same supplier, do understand that there's a few factories producing the same shoes, but of different cost and thus different quality, so price differences happen. Shoe Story strives to get shoes produced at higher quality thus the higher cost. But do be assured that, prices offered by us is the lowest possible already. So, don't compare our prices with other sellers. Some of the shoes we have to source ourselves from different factories, thus, the higher cost, but this is to promise better quality received by customers.

Anymore enquiries?
Feel free to email us at

Thank you :)


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